What is the ‘young midlife crisis’?

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One of the defining characteristics of a midlife crisis is being in your midlife, the clue is in the title right? WRONG! Traditionally the midlife crisis was known to affect people who are in their 40s or older, but that is changing. People are exhibiting the symptoms of a midlife crisis as early as 25 […]

Links to other websites about Midlife Crisis

The following list includes links to other articles and websites about midlife crisis. We do not agree with all of the content on these sites but want to present our readers with all the options for discussion and analysis relating to identifying, living with, and overcoming a midlife crisis […]

Is it becoming cool to have a ‘modern’ midlife crisis?

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Having a midlife crisis is almost becoming cool. Pop psychology, the media and general ignorance has led to many articles describing how everyone is having a midlife crisis. This broadening of the topic to include any moderately disaffected person between the ages of 27 and 65 has made it much harder for the people who […]

Why is the number of people suffering from midlife crisis unknown?

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There are many factors that make it difficult to answer this question. The main issues are the lack of medical recognition of the condition and the broad definition of the term midlife crisis. The definition of a midlife crisis is also quite broad (see our article ‘What is a midlife crisis’) and so encompasses behaviors […]

How many people have a midlife crisis?

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There is no formal answer to this question. Because a midlife crisis is not recognized as a medical condition (see more about this in our article ‘what is a midlife crisis?’) there are no statistics on the condition. Psychological studies and media surveys put the figure at around 10% of the male population (these figures […]

Is a midlife crisis a western problem?

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Midlife crisis is most associated with the modern era and with developed countries. The key term here is developed countries. Midlife crisis is usually associated with western countries but more recently, evidence has emerged showing the struggle of a Midlife crisis is growing in what are traditionally described as Eastern countries. The rise of the […]

The origins of midlife crisis

Origins of a Midlife Crisis

The first recognized reference to midlife crisis came in 1965 when noted Psychologst Elliot Jaques published the article entitled “Death and the Midlife Crisis,” written for the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. In the article Jaques described how midlife is comparable to the ‘peak’ of one’s life, the period immediately prior to being ‘over the hill’. This peak is […]

What is a midlife crisis?

What is a midlife crisis?

There are many definitions of a midlife crisis, here are the three most common dictionary definitions: The Oxford English Dictionary defines a mid-life crisis as “an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age” An alternative definition is given by Webster’s: a period of emotional turmoil in middle age caused […]

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