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DSC_0334My Midlife Crisis Support is a collection of information, articles, advice and stories all relating to Midlife crisis that has been put together by a group of people who have experienced Midlife Crisis, either directly, or by proxy through a partner, family member or friend.

My Midlife Crisis Support is not a medical website, nor is it a psychological website, We do not pretend to be experts on the topic, but we have all been touched by Mid-life Crisis and hope that the articles we write provide some help to those in need of support or guidance. At the very least we hope you will know that you are not alone.

Most of the content on this website has been written by us, however, some information has come from medical journals, scientific papers, psychological studies, and other sources of information. Where the information is not fully our own we have referenced all materials and give full credit to the original authors.

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